vaughn benjamin speaking

Vaughn Benjamin's Truth speech

Yeh, yeh… all the singers and the players of instrument in the house and the singers and the players of instrument dwell before and if yuh listen me good u will see, dat all the people yuh see on the hip-hop videos and all dem dey…dem is d Angels of the earth but right now dey singin a strange song because ah money bizness but dem is d Angels who have dem lost dem first estate, dem is d great of the earth…kno dat, dem same youth whey look like mad youth and wicked man, Angels in the earth…dem is d transference of d magnetism of life..livin power, culture dem is d power and d embodiment of the movements of culture…dem same youth dey!! but d Angels sing a strange song today because millionaires, certain tings pay dem off to talk differently..yuh see? and dont feed the people and bring the earth together…the earth badly, listen even the wicked man today lookin for solution..desperately!!

Listen..the earth dont need to shed no blood than how blood done shed, yuh kno? cus right now nobody no really fraid yuh kno, nobody no really fraid to dead again yuh kno, especially young black man we not really fear to dead again..if yuh dont kno yet then yuh jus dont kno, is better to teach d youths dem upfullness and right and make dem be something and do something cus dey not afraid so its in our interest to do something good cus if we dont do something good…yuh Mother and Sister still on the street and anyting can happen to yuh Mommy, Sister and Friend…so is MY bizness to come talk to black ppl pickney, whey come say badboy and gunman, right now…but d earth desperately want a solution bcus for the sins of the karmic past, karmic sins, dat 2day ppl want to kno, can dey be washed away without blood? and even the (?hebrews? anyone?) dem say, without the sheddin of blood there is no remission of sins.. So yuh see wha happen now? drastic tings…cus when the warnin come and the warnin come like Solomon say..bcus the reward for doin wrong is so short in comin to a man…he thinks its alright to pollute the waters in the earth, he think its ok to chop down all d trees, he think its alright cus he dont see no repercussions comin, he cant see…if matter is never created nor destroyed..wat is dead and wat is alive…when man dead n when man live..yuh kno? its such a foolish thing…the whole ting inter-connected now dem ah say, one world order and I'll tell yuh its simple simple its not even deep yuh kno, one simplicity.

From yuh cannot acknowledge and respect yuh parents who bring you in this earth, from all the ppls of the earth cannot accept just and simple reality…who is the progenitor of MAN!! this is the not dat we say so, it is so. Honour your Mother and Father, let your days may be longer..dat is the first commandment with promise, so is real ting yuh kno…

Right now they are now findin out that the ancestors who speak Twi is the writers of the bible and these are europeans out of cambridge, oxford, yale, harvard, dartmouth, columbia, princeton and berkeley…dem school dey, ivy league…so wats goin on?…Yall understand? That's why I have to stop singing for a minute and say lets communicate bout what really we talkin about? we talkin about the disenfranchisement of ppl's across the earth, where every ppl's say come eat and dance, yuh come from a long journey..ppl bring out weed and flowers, certain ppl bring out food and table and everybody meet the same reward in the earth..all direction, all d indigenous ppl of the earth meet the same faith AFTER dey said dance, eat…certain tings happen, dat is the bone reality of what has happened in the earth..the situation is now, wat we goin to do about it now?!…right now!!

So yuh see d process of incarnation into the livin flesh? from d time you come to earth in flesh again and you can breathe air..u can begin to erase the karmic sins of your past..of your parents, of yuh ancestry…all ppl's cus we are all guilty of in-iquity and out-iquity…yuh kno wat is in-iquity? when d bible say workers of in-iquity? in-equity… you have 11% of the earth and you want 97% of the earth resources for u alone.

Like u want to walk d aisles of the supermarket and have 30 kinda cornflakes…but ppl cant eat one cornflakes in certain country…and nobody wonder where all this cornflakes come from, nobody even ask a question and say, we dont grow pineapple here? we dont grow banana here? how we have banana n pineapple all yr round? all wen banana outta season, banana how is dat? nobody ask a question, how dis ting come to be? these are the questions yuh must ask yourself, I dont have no answers for you wit dat…cus the Creator make each individual human-kind with their own conscience, it is an inbirth conscience..therefore nobody like me is supposed to try n make you feel guilty, not come n accuse you and tell yuh…we jus come to say, for the ppl who want healin n separation from ugliness n impurity..we hold forth Life out of our mouths as the livin breath of Life…in the name of His Imperial Majesty Jah Rastafari…He who is the Elect of Himself and the Light of dis World…Haile I Selassie I The First….

Vaughn Benjamin

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Brazil  Brazil Salvador
21 March 2016 at 09:43:24

Welcome to the realm of
the Almighty King!
Please take a breath, relax yourself and take a good look around.
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Enjoy your stay!
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