midnite treasure


Selassie clarity
The Concept of World free market of ideas
there we take in it
The Magnet of money makes it feel impossible to regulate it
The Study show not to shoulder with the cream of the affluent
The intellectual knowledge in your head

They Said is worst more than modern salarian rent
They said to gravery and to coerce the brilliant
To Coerce the brilliant with evidence
Look In for the i and stand Among The dicidence
One man not can swing the Balance Of everything
I give the whole wheel the spin
One nation the unfear advanta-gage

Tell Life is the precious of anusual mystic
That’s why you i-coop in the wilderness to see
When He was a cure of medicinal you seek
A Speek connective elders your documentarize
Mutative nature of micro germe
Culture is information of the agression you need
Better Stand over living to the actuality
They’re Poeple in your hands to your sight psychology
And Reactively Negative or Positively
Push The One to choose the sensively
I Rasta
Rasta I Rasta

Well Particule physics in the hit in the scrutiny
Of fearfullness over you tech a plasma stem cell
Whith generative was in the rest
Try to hold off the other tills in the nuclear olympics
The Fear another champion with the ideology of wickdness
The fear for gun zone bomb would like to rest
The devastation come in the name of trinity
The loosers way aknownledgely
The carriers over fachist mistaken philosophy
Yeah the worst phylo crime monger city
Human degree well simple
Human story hit the councious of the Eyes
The corner is a picture of (your inner) mind

Rasta I Rasta
I Rasta I Rasta

Well Life is the precious of anusual mystic
That’s why you icoop in the wilderness you sit
When He was the curse of medicinal you seek
A Speek connective elders inna documentarize
the mutative Nature of micro germe culture
is information of tangression you need
Better Stand a not living to the actuality
you Poeple in your hand true your psychology
And Reactively Negative or Positively
Push The One to go choose now the size civile
I Rasta
Rasta I Rasta

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