midnite standing ground

In front

If the Nazarite had stayed with James from start,
but the Hijaik went with Paul
hear now, in the sing dung hear of
rememberance, they turn the ring dung
pass on as a vestments, preference of the honor
of JAH ova torment
and ova lament, jus speak the truth from start
from in front of heart
from in front of start,the truth from start
In the bling dung, green envy hear bout, rasta
heart o heart
nah go mean of harm perform harm, is just te
fall apart
because of neva was consider from in front of
In the fling dung now de vow against the
ugliness as a good man pressed up turn into it,
as the jungle monster world a escalate it
I pod to phone steal reinforced deep shaft ova
seas it
know your orange from a far distance them can
can peel it
Mental deeper SELASSIE dem ova standing
seals ya if you no feel it
jus speak the truth from start,the truth from heart,
from infont of start
the truth from heart
Incidentally sea lion in the realness
in the land and sea its still judah buisness. In the
deep water gentle lion even witness, in front of
start jus speak the truth from heart
in front of an off remark, reveal the depth of the
entire pack
front is behind the back wid the wing dung, wid
the wing dung
the dragon ago come down them dey give it
mo sacrificed blood
when the time clock say warning run out and
the high official have the same situation as the
Just speak the truth from start, from in front of
just speak the truth from in front of start from in
front of heart
as in most time as ova some one trying to dis
them dun
is the king son and daughters rastafari truth from
in front of start
as the king come unto the prophecy of even his
under exposed own received him not
still are the keepers of sabbath debunk as myth
their world even the artifact are not
edifices the bafflement their academics alot a
king come wid ligitimacy
and anciency. Rastafari come an produce
ancient maps
Hear now, in the sing ding hear of
rememberance, they turn the ring dung
just speak the truth from start, from infront of heart
in the sing dung just speak the truth from start

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