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From Morning from morning even delicate little daughters hafe feel this thing police trailing uhm from morning it seem like if is noone exeunt from this thing even kindly matriartical are one a feel this thing everyone up inna this thing ehhhhhhhhhhh David education to trod against a guay with a stone and a sling ummmm aaaaaa it was the keeper of the animal it was not war what he wanted it was not a fight that he was lookin aaaaaaaaaaa I from morning from early morning ehhhhuuuuu wake up hopefully and happy and enthusistic about this thing police trailing tryin to put a tamp unto my praise hard string yeeeeahhhhhh rastafari as i most compell rastafari as internal well from morning yeah hay yeah hay from morning when rasta trod out to do dis thing just to sing highly praises to the king yeahaaaaaay babylon trailing from morning ah tension about this thing even delicate little women hafe feel this thing is like no one is exeunt from this thing from morning hay well trod out with a stone and a sling just a humble word without triviality way a talk to the serious outbursting the spring ahhhhh yeahhhh in the nile valley there was a rupture in the earth them say rupture the flue of the sahara yeah I lick out the water was lava was magma ehhhhh when they out they a come out magma come lava ehhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh from morning over my shoulder this thing from morning ehhhhhhhh pon the high ways about this things them inna the gutter by the by ways about this thing from morning who shall atend to the sick eh from morning who is about listening ehhhhhhhhaaaa from morning it should be hopefull and thanks and rewarding for holding the strings together comunal for holding the people together internal ohhhhhhwoooo law l’essense yeahay dietary law l’essense hey law l’essence from morning from morning babylon you fill knowing up rastaman about this thing inification i’ve heard a little stone david sling from morning hay ohhooo hay even delicate little women know fi feel this tension in d morning from morning from morning yeeeeaaaaaaaah when the freshness of earth is bursting when the gold of the earth is blooming when the purple in the earth is

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