midnite bless go roun


Selassie I I Mawai again yah
me see a little youth, me see a little youth
a peek in a clocks spin and a swipe in a class
would like just walk and tell him say give him one ?
him little teeth white and him eyes them dark
me see say them vibes already done sparkin’ a big man talk
who know of the brothers them wish to embark
serin and seeding as a cutting and sharp
trite a them imbalance bio rythym with the art over lock
these are the various speeches what deprive them a talk
right when the sufferer them fi stand up inna art
battering semantics out a dark brutish thought
thats when them squeeze off but de hustle lock up
thief found deya helicopter pound a drop off
every kind of espionage against ganja man have
street money run up for foregn sell off
enough man a flip man a just to all have
marijuana marinol pills de cuting panel?
homeless in winter cup of thermal and a shall
them they are a crazy them a say so ? ?
these are the people of elation after all
right way ya have to stand up praise selassie i jah god
high high witness greeting teaching upon everywhere lord
babylon ina she cruelty she instrument yard
fighting a fragrance aromaticular ?
clap them out with the thunder extension god
me look inna the church and see the state stays in prolonged disregard
over other matters heavier say like a liquid ?, like a liquid
them a wonder why the bad man a them got for the war
first them was the leader now them fear for follower
the unknown variable invented wicked are
sit down inna time bomb with the button tell over there
same this here border for the last 400 year
cash money over them pretend to care
from the eye path of Ra to the suffering of near, treasury done clean out to the i grid ?
selassie the lion inna temple mind storehouse draw near
word to forever in the kingdom clear a priest of melchelzedek order career
flash flood of lightning a dont go near
penetrate to zion ethiopia from where
thence come whole lion ya eminence you hear
just like rastafari booty antenna fleer
gone to transaction for a thoroughbred year
are gone not justment for the upkeep stay
i and i still survive for the mercy of jah
flag with the crease out judah lion rasta
ruby nuff a mention above feature
marcus and obah and all them brother
selassie the lion inna the temple mindstore house draw near
word to forever inna the kingdom clear
a piece of melchizaduk carrier
flash flood and lightning they shoulda dung go there
penetrate to zion ethiopia from where
dense come the lion whole eminence you here
and the change the law so they can just walk in shot man down
a friend of the family will jump you with the children in the car
public defendant work for the government and the bar,
thats where the lion must pass his matter
this is a style me bredren inspire ruby
i was with a tippi full of smoke in front of a modular crossfader
may come to pass what selassie i talk
if i and i claim in then i and i talk
chant psalms of david for sheltering cloud
blow first ball out rastafari cloud
first thing jah know is a shout to the house
shout it and mostly when i love to announce
i and i give rastafari meditation in the house they bounce
earth got enough cataclysmic verse to pronounce, in the lightning and the clouds

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