midnite bless go roun

Homing Zone

Selassie I open it up,
An ina the homing zone
Three faces of the moon
Virgin, Mother and the Crone
To rule a dey people
You a fi move dirt them own home
Reflect the virgin fallen and the mother
And create the crone
Military undermining our peace time alone
Get plane ina her air and she’s just not around
Just cannot be found ina no conscious ground
Alchemistic invert language word sound a drown
And Im redescending and ascending home
The all layers open bow
Long with disguise ina the ways around
A Rasta rule ina Russia
The Czar come home
Ina what kind of schism
So relentless with; to pursue to the ends of the earth
The generation will
And can no longer impose them ignorances
They’re now bombing Gideon ya for the illnesses
Not wanted from the sides of the King’s son is
I will hear my sold Rasta ina di instances
Where the families of Heaven have been tampered with
When I strap a righteous breastplate and is conquerer will
Jah well to woman, to the tree to the water from diminishes
To di land of the ganja as my sanctify this
Watching undeserving claim of the vintages
When a poor sufferer plant upon water it
When a hear, earth make Melchizedek commandment is
And the angel they gather thought dey is a Ganjalist
Is all ceramic shrine dem build ultimate to live
It is a hole up in dem money and no one no give
Selassie I start this and I and I will carry where will
Four hundred whey tutors that boy bring with it
The check whey no play it done is cancel is
Have fi swallow ina location where dem tonsil is
For dem know say for all wrong doing there is no answer is
Dem come blaspheme I Selassie and no answer is
All erase irrelevant
It is raid for roaches and trap for mices
For he’s living ina approach of limitedness
As he’s gone down, long down run Babylon come wit it
Man has a hurt I-sire of Judah for righteousness
The inner try take check now, photo clone to do it
Sometime play dem likkle pig fi go eat head wit it
Authorities about disguise as a take off ship
Like happen to have some bad guard in it
Nile to Red Sea flood Africa done come split
Have a try out the tree tech tonic meet tunic
Them have a oval play now have a magnetic
In her head be tilled on neuro images
Florescent exaltation ina the dye of it
Which part the get is equilibrium a go picture wit
Ina di lasers a fire excitation beam scan it
Magnetize dem take back all your gifts
Take back the dime and the dollar
That have an ancestral image
The silver is again, dem ancestral image
And the stamps are again the ancestor image
This is the legality ina dem systemic world village
Media hype of all of us blockade of it
Strong the state catabolic anabolic symbolic
Signal dem priest feed the crease of it
Dem feed the wickedness dey do it in the house of ease
Seek the feast Haile Selassie true to karma peace
Release what conscience all a beat the heat
All dey art a fi know all now come repeat…

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