midnite beauty for ashes

Same boat we


Historical legacy is the world on wing
Its about uraral and udstand from sting
All this fo' real be told to the generation comin'
Is this got nothin' to be careful with
If it's done well, poverty adn destiny remitted
It's about the long spiral of instabil
If you will come, witness build a magnificent edifice
And let it be in two o's, my belief is in spirit
Imagine all magnifice and the sentiment is
Well, you are probably serve yo people to defend it

Aha, yeah, dis
In the same boat we
In the same boat singin'
Let's try to see, we
In da same boat we

Is dis all nothing to be careful wit?
Rasta sing more than answer, them broken spirit
Just the people, the vito that rather insist
And they let the stand of the whip be the laws of the public
Whip is governmental weapon in the politic
Whip was also in a serie of profound wickedness
Them psychology trigger nerve and all them touch it
Personal responsibility to each human, unit of livity
That mean every simple one have enmity
Simple respect to people in posterity
Uuuuh, think a band that float, give and take,
Of living, moving, come and seekings,
Those guys speak of dragons, obsolation and fallacy
Yung man suffer while people still retended dignity
And play a part in di outing, coming after them community
Situation window, gun shot out yo teeth
From the dudin, lest they di come then, os da country
Some of them whip feist they son, some of them whip tender city
Za fusing of cultural diversity

In the same boat we
In the same boat singin'
Let's try to see, we
In da same boat we




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