midnite jah grid

The bringers

Enough praise
i and i cannot give
enough thanks
i cannot give
enough praise
enough thanksgiving
give thanks for the bringers
these are the bringers
life is give and take
and these are the bringers
breath is in and out
walk is back and forth
yet these give
proportionately more
than they have
giving out of faith
giving out of
potentiality tangibility
manifest in time
these are the bringers
powerfully graphic in my eyes
a lion to adorn my sleeping place
brought by the hands of a lion
powerful herb
to insence my brain
brought by the hands of a lion
these are the bringers
the bringers
these are the bringers
expectation hath
my negative projected on to screens already
never been a fake way
no not that way
expectaion projections
no not that way
just the goodness of a faith
the bringers
these are the bringers
countenance bright and without distaste
these are the bringers
bringing one small piece
to add to the puzzle
these are the bringers
one shared knowledge
one shared time of
place and experience
to strengthen your faith
internal i to see
before you meet such things
have been told to you and spoken to you
in reasoning place
these are the bringers
more thanks
more praise
more honor
can i not give
should i not give
all these things and more
unto jah
his majesty unified all these minds
into one place
wrote the law on their hearts
in one place
solidified by distance
3000 miles away
thinking the exact face
the bringers
these are the bringers
the bringers
give jah thanks for the bringers
the bringers
the bringers

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